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Sun, rain, gale-force winds, snowdrifts and sub-zero temperatures. At the office, in the car or on the construction site. Contemporary industrial-grade garments prepare the wearer for every workday situation. Our new Blåkläder Evolution line is a range of hi-tech professional garments in which the choice of materials was inspired by extreme conditions and heavy-duty settings.

Adaptability to diverse workday settings and heavy-duty demands is the strength of this line of workwear. Stylish, expertly designed products boasting hi-performance features and durability.
“Work, family life and leisure time overlap, which is why we decided to design a line of workwear that allow the wearer to be prepared for whatever comes their way. This means garments that look great and keep you well-dressed in any situation, but that also stand up to tough demands”, says Anders Carlsson, CEO of Blåkläder.

Innovation is a watchword in Blåkläder’s product development division. The new line challenges conventional ideas of what workwear is supposed to look like, to design products in which great looks, freedom of movement and versatility take priority.
“In this collection, we were inspired by the design and strengths of outdoor garments. We then combined those qualities with the durability and performance features of our standard workwear. An example: we used multidirectional stretch, which is less-used in standard workwear,” explains Terés Wilbaste, product developer at Blåkläder. She adds: “In the warming layers, we used a material made from recycled PET bottles. This provides the same warmth as down, but is a lot more flexible”.

Every little detail in Blåkläder Evolution was given minute attention in terms of both design and function. The aim was for all the practical features to enhance the design appeal.
“An example of that would be the dark reflectors – a stylish detail in daylight, and hi-viz at night. The materials were carefully selected to be mutually enhancing in appearance and performance. The garments are breathable and wick body moisture, whilst also providing warmth and waterproofing”, explains Terés Wilbaste.

The Blåkläder Evolution range will feature four different styles – fleece top, padded jacket, shell jacket and parka, and all in black with yellow detailing.

For additional information, please contact:
Anders Carlsson, CEO of Blåkläder
Kalle Larsson, Head of Marketing at Blåkläder
E-mail:, tel.: +46 (0)702-187333