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After last year’s success, Blåkläder now extend their partnership with Toughest in 2016.

8 km, 40 obstacles, penalty rounds and fast lanes, it is not for nothing that Toughest is the leading Nordic obstacle race. The course consists of seaweed piles, bales of hay, tires and water passages, plus a variety of other challenging obstacles and is usually described in terminology as spectacular and tough.

- After an extremely successful season in 2015, we decided to be one of the main sponsors for the toughest obstacle race in the Nordic region even this year. The purpose with the main sponsorship is to strengthen the brand as a supplier that can withstand tough conditions and at the same time be given the opportunity to appear before a new audience, which we really think that the 2015 season lived up to.
Peter Mönhage, Country Manager Sweden at Blåkläder.

What is new this year is that Blåkläder owns the famous ramp that is the very last obstacle in the race, where several participants have had to yield to, because of its tough slope.

- Our participation during 2016 means even a higher hear and this year we choose to go with the toughest obstacle of the course, the ramp. It is not only extremely difficult to get past, it is also very well exposed on the event area and thus Blåkläder gets a larger spot at Toughest 2016.
Peter Mönhage, Country Manager Sweden at Blåkläder.

Blåkläder will be on site during all Toughest events and visitors are given the opportunity to try the company’s durable craftsman trousers in the competition “Hang in the pants”. In addition, you can buy exclusive Blåkläder garments branded with the Toughest logo at their boot.

- We are very pleased that Blåkläder choose to extend their partnership with us. Not least because they also entertain the audience and the participants on spot with their durable challenge - but also because we like Blåkläder as a brand. They have a cool profile and represent tough marketing.
Per Ögren, one of the founders of Toughest.

The first Toughest race of the year will take place in London May 23rd.